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Are you looking for a way to get involved with AHIF? We have meaningful (volunteer) opportunities with flexible scheduling throughout the state. By contributing your time, knowledge, skills and leadership you will infuse our organization with passion and energy to help improve the quality of life for survivors of traumatic brain injury and for their families.

Complete a Volunteer Application online.

What can I do to help?

• Provide your skills to AHIF

We need your expertise in the areas of public
relations, graphic design, photography, website
design and modification, information technology
support, volunteer recruitment, film editing
and grant writing.

Share your Arts and Crafts, sports and cooking
with participants in our Small Places

Provide clerical support by typing local
newsletters and Support Group notices, and
preparing mailings.

• Enhance our ability to raise money for AHIF
  services and programs

Write "Hero for Head Injury" letters.

Recycle your unused cell phones through our
AHIF website.

Solicit businesses to donate their used printer
cartridges for recycling.

Be a Special Event worker, arranging table decorations,
selling tickets, soliciting donated items
for a Silent Auction.

Solicit sponsors for our Tennis Tournament,
Fishing Tournament, Walkathons, " Toast and
Taste" and other events.

Organize a Walkathon in your area.

• Generate public awareness of traumatic brain

Be a speaker about traumatic brain injury,
man the AHIF display at a local Health Fair,
collect news articles about people with traumatic
brain injury and the Alabama Head Injury 
Foundation that appear in your hometown
newspaper, be available to speak to the
media in your area.

• Provide service and assistance to people/families
  with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Be a Small Places Recreational Activity

Provide maintenance and accessibility modification
to homes of people with Traumatic Brain Injury or Spinal Cord Injury.

Be a Resource helper-Pick up food from food
banks and deliver to people who because of a
lack of transportation, cannot do so for themselves.

Be a Support Group Facilitator.

Provide peer support by phone, by visiting
nursing homes and hospitals, or by email.

Distribute AHIF newsletters and pamphlets to
Hospital and NICU waiting rooms in your area.

How much time is required?

Time commitments and schedules vary
depending on what you would like to do.

What benefits will I receive?

An opportunity to share your expertise, service
and assistance to people/families with TBI/SCI.

The personal satisfaction of learning new skills
and gaining work experience.

An opportunity to meet new people.

Participation in a well-managed program
where your contributions are recognized, valued
and appreciated.

How do I sign up?

You may fill out a Volunteer Application right here online.


Contact Sandy Koplon, Director of Community Outreach, at 205-823-3818,
1-800-433-8002, or email   She will send you an application, and explain the program areas in which AHIF needs your help!!!

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